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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins: Care and Treatment

Varicose veins can appear anywhere on the leg, from the groin to the ankle, and are easily identified by their knotted, bulging, often purple appearance. Dr. Deborah Seib sees many adult patients from Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville who have varicose veins, yet their treatment modality varies widely according to the severity of their condition. Some patients with only a few small varicose veins make ideal candidates for sclerotherapy, a short office procedure that can eliminate those visible blood vessels. Other patients, however, also experience bothersome physical symptoms: tired, heavy, swollen, achy legs—problems that are often exacerbated by long period of sitting or standing. These patients can experience relief through a variety of other procedures, which Dr. Seib will explain and recommend during the initial consultation.

Spider veins typically present as visible superficial blood vessels, often resembling spiders or tree branches. Although they do not usually cause discomfort, they can be quite noticeable, causing many patients to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. To eliminate these superficial blood vessels, Dr. Seib performs sclerotherapy, VariLite™ Laser treatments, and Lumecca® (IPL) treatments in the comfort of her office.

Dr. Deborah Seib is a licensed physician with nearly 20 years of experience diagnosing and treating veins. Her medical education enables her to identify suspicious varicose veins that might indicate underlying problems with a patient’s circulatory system, a service that many treatment centers simply cannot provide. Dr. Seib specializes in vein care and treatment, always considering the least-invasive option to bring patients permanent relief—and beautiful, clear skin.

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Dr. Seib begins each consultation by taking a complete medical history and performing a thorough physical examination to identify the various types of veins present. If she detects varicose veins or suspects venous reflux disease, a disorder affecting the valves in the leg veins, she will order a diagnostic ultrasound to further investigate the underlying cause of venous dysfunction.

Based on the examination and ultrasound results, if performed, each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan based on the size of the problematic blood vessels and severity of the condition. Below is a summary of available treatment options.

For spider veins or small to medium varicose veins of the leg that are not related to venous reflux, Dr. Seib offers traditional sclerotherapy, also known as visual sclerotherapy. During sclerotherapy treatment, a solution is injected into each blood vessel so that it eventually collapses, disintegrates, and is reabsorbed by the body. The blood that once traveled through those vessels automatically reroutes to others nearby.

For facial spider veins or dilated capillaries, also know as broken capillaries, Dr. Seib prefers sclerotherapy, VariLite™ Laser treatments, and Lumecca® intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. During the sclerotherapy treatment, Dr. Seib injects a tiny amount of solution into visible blood vessels. The body eventually absorbs those small vessels after they collapse, and the blood is automatically redirected to other ones close by.

VariLite™ Laser treatments target unwanted blood vessels or dilated capillaries, removing their characteristic red pigmentation and leaving the surface skin clear and intact. The number of treatments necessary to achieve desired results depends on the extent, size, and layering of the blood vessels, but many patients see significant improvement after just one treatment.

Lumecca® intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments use light energy to penetrate the skin’s surface to eliminate broken capillaries and visible blood vessels, improving skin tone and making the skin look clearer and brighter. Because the Lumecca® IPL technology is more powerful than older IPL technologies, most patients need only one to three treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.

For larger varicose veins with venous reflux disease, patients are referred to local vascular surgeons who may perform one of the following procedures: surgery, endovenous ablation, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, or phlebectomy.

Sometimes, a conservative approach can yield excellent results or help maintain results from one of the procedures listed above. These nonsurgical, conservative alternatives include weight loss, physical activity, workplace modification, and compression stockings. Dr. Seib carries SIGVARIS Compression Stockings, and her staff members are certified fitters who take custom measurements to determine the perfect size.

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